Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute is one of the first private higher education institutions in Western Kazakhstan. The idea of creating AIGI was caused by the rapid development of the national economy, the urgent need for highly qualified specialists for the oil and gas industry in the Western region of Kazakhstan. The Institute was established in 2001 on the basis of the state license series AA №0000065, issued in accordance with the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan №643 of December 6, 2001. The Institute trains specialists in 10 specialties, which are currently in demand for industries and farms in the region: 050702 – Automation and Control; 050708 – Oil and Gas business; 050719 – Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications; 050729 – Construction; 050732 - Standardization, Metrology and certification. 050119-Foreign language: two foreign languages; 050304-Customs; 050602-Informatics; 050506 – Economics; 0509 – Finance. The Institute has 2 academic buildings, a library, reading rooms, special laboratories, computer classes, language laboratories, Internet rooms, a sports hall, a medical office and other necessary means for training. Organization, formation and initial development phase of the Institute is connected with the name of the rector doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Ihsanova Ersain Valihanovich. During his leadership, the staff of the Institute was recognized and took its great place in the life of the city and region. Over the years, the Institute has produced more than 5,000 specialists. During its formation the material and technical base was strengthened, replenished with qualified specialists. Every year the Institute became more and more authoritative educational institution. The positive results of the state certification for compliance with the qualification requirements, conducted by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2005, were an important basis for determining the further strategy and tactics of educational activities at the Institute. Today Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute is considered to be one of the most important scientific and educational center for the training of highly qualified personnel. It has a significant material and technical base and scientific and pedagogical potential in the face of the teaching staff. Atyrau Institute of engineering and Humanities has firmly entered the life of the population of the Western region of the Republic. The history of the Institute reflects the history of the formation of Western Kazakhstan. Scientific schools of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor E. V. Ikhsanov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor E. A. Grebenikov were established in AIGI. The educational process is carried out by full-time and correspondence courses in Kazakh and Russian languages. Many graduates of the Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute work not only in different parts of our country, but also in countries near and far abroad. Many of them became heads of Republican, regional, city, regional enterprises and organizations, companies. Among the consumers occupy a special place not only local companies, institutions, and foreign, operating in the territory of Kazakhstan (KCO Agip, TengizChevroil, etc.). Currently, AIGI - a modern learning technology, the latest computer classes with the ability to access the Internet, language labs, lecture halls, laboratories. Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute is recognized by society as a highly qualified teaching staff and full of creative aspirations of the student team, United by common ideas and spirit, achieved to meet their own needs; - it's a science library.; - this is 3 academic buildings, a gym. - this is an active Committee on youth Affairs, it is student clubs: debate, Club cheerful and resourceful, dance and folk instrumental ensemble, etc. The purpose of the Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute is to train highly qualified, competitive specialists in demand in various sectors of the economy, engineering and pedagogical education, on the basis of modern continuously developing training system. The system created at the Institute unites people, processes and production structure in order to achieve and maintain the highest performance in four key areas: organizational and methodical, educational and methodical, research and educational. This organizational base contributes to the systematic development and improvement of the multifaceted activities of the Institute.